Your State of the Art Holland Paving Company

Being a well-established Holland Asphalt Company, we’ve never had a lot of work but after quite a few years, we recently hired a guy who was fairly new to the job market. Some companies don’t use that particular strategy when hiring new employees, they tend to go for experience and overall reputation. The problem with that is, at some point they stop hearing from someone fresh, not knowing if they’ll be happy there or not. That’s when you start getting “grunt” calls and letters.

Of course, I’m not in that situation. We’ve worked with enough people to get to know the work ethic and the quality of service. Plus, there’s always that little voice in the back of your head telling you that, “This guy may be the next big thing.” And it’s true.

There’s no question that working with a man or woman in a company that makes asphalt products such as shingles, striping, cement and even roads can be quite enjoyable. So, if you’re having trouble finding a job that pays well and provides adequate benefits, you may want to consider looking into joining the ranks of our asphalt company. Some examples of jobs we’ve had recently include:

Construction Job: While we aren’t primarily an asphalt company, we have provided the necessary skill set and training to construct buildings such as schools, apartments, stores, motels, churches, hotels, condominiums, office buildings, and homes. We can provide you with this training and hopefully the needed training to get you through the process, just as we helped other companies before us. In other words, we have a long history of building buildings for customers.

Foreclosure Lien Holder: Recently we were contacted by an individual that was looking for someone to build a garage for him. He was unaware of what he needed to know until he got the job. Before he knew it, he discovered that his previous asphalt company had been in business for over 20 years and is now headed up by a young person that doesn’t even know how to drive!

Homeowner: The last few times I’ve been on the job, I’ve actually had the opportunity to drive around a couple of houses we’re supposed to repair. It’s interesting because, on one hand, the homeowner didn’t do much at all because she really didn’t want us coming into her home. On the other hand, there’s nothing more frustrating than going out there and fixing things that were simply not broken in the first place.

Concrete Repair: We can fix things like, leaky windows, cracked concrete, damaged walls, brick joints, and other issues. You can’t really call us for this type of work unless you really need it, so it depends on what the job is. In other words, if you need a few walls repaired, we can probably come in and do it.

It would be nice to see some of these types of jobs come our way. Even if you don’t need any of those kinds of work, working for a company that works with those types of projects makes for a great experience. Just one or two jobs, for sure.