Why Local SEO is Important to Your Business

Local SEO, is the act of increasing the amount of traffic to a website from a local consumer base, in the same manner that organic SEO increases the number of backlinks to a site from a local audience. Organic search engine optimization, or organic SEO, is generally performed for links to a site rather than the amount of traffic that moves through a site. Organic SEO tends to be less costly and requires less management than PPC marketing. There are many tools available for managing organic SEO and many businesses are moving towards this method as a way to generate more local traffic and make their businesses more visible to customers.

local SEO

Organic SEO begins with analyzing where searchers from your local community are searching online. You may have a website that has high search results for a given set of keywords, but if your visitors are searching for that same keywords in Google, MSN, Yahoo! or other search engines outside of your area, you will not see much activity on your site. Local SEO involves analyzing local searches, understanding where searchers are searching, and then optimizing your site accordingly.

In optimizing your site for a specific set of keywords in Google, MSN, Yahoo!, and the other major search engines outside of your geographic area, consider the types of queries that you get. The keywords that are most frequently used for searches in your city will likely be included in local SEO efforts. For example, in the London, UK area, the most common keyword for searches is “london”, which appears in the second position (after “home” keyword) in the Google search result. In order to optimize your site for the London area, you would want to include the London keyword several times in your content. Other good keywords to use for local SEO include “burgmingham”, “eston”,” Durham”, and “Watford”.

Another method for local use is to analyze the variations of spelling and word usage between various locations. For example, when someone is searching for information on the Yorkshire region, they might type in something like “yorkshire”, “york”, “irk”, “chester”, or even “hire”. If you do a Google search for these variations within your area and include the first three times the location in quotes, you will increase your chances of being seen when a person searches for those terms. Be sure to use these variations in citations that accurately reflect the names of your businesses. Properly citing your business name and location in URLs and blog posts helps your clients and other web spiders to understand where to find your website.

To maximize your chances of ranking higher in Google, MSN, and other popular search engines for a given set of keywords, you should try to rank for as many search terms as possible. For example, if you own a business in the Sheffield area, try submitting your own business name and local phrase in various places on the web to generate local SEO results for those words. When someone searches for a local snack pack results, for example, they might search for “cheap snack pack”, “snack pack”, “healthy snack pack”, “low fat snack pack”, or even “low fat snack.” If you rank high for any of these phrases, you are bound to get more visitors to your site, which means that you will get more chance to show up in the organic and regular organic searches that these results provide.

There are three major benefits of local SEO, which include increased exposure to potential customers, increased likelihood of appearing in organic and regular searches and improved brand recognition among existing citations. People search for things that matter to them, so it only makes sense that people who want to shop for things that matter to them will be searching for your business on the web. That means that you have a greater chance of appearing in their local searches. Additionally, people search for new businesses to establish contact, so it only makes sense that they’ll also be looking for businesses that are nearby. All of this increases your chances of establishing a relationship with your potential customers and also improves your odds of getting approved for local SEO.