Tips For Choosing the Best Archery Equipment

Archery is the art, game, craft, or skill of shooting arrows with a bow. The word comes from a Latin word, arcanus, for bow. Historically, archery was used for war and hunting. In the modern era, though, archery is primarily a sport and recreational pursuit.


Archery has gained popularity as a sport because of its long history. Since bows and arrows have developed greatly over time, archery is very versatile, as many people use every type of bow and arrow variation for their hunting and target shooting. Some hunters specialize in long-range targets, while others are comfortable using mid-range arrows for closer range shots. There are even archers who prefer using compound bows for more power and accuracy.

In the past, archery was primarily a weapon of war. Longbows, the most common form of archery, were used by knights to fight wars on the field of battle. The main difference between a longbow and a composite bow is its weight. A longbow is usually much heavier than a composite bow. Composite bows are lighter, which makes them easier to carry and enables archers to be more mobile. Although they lack the durability of a longbow, composite bows have excellent stability.

Composite bows are also made of fiberglass or plastic instead of iron. Fiberglass arrows have a more realistic shape than iron arrows and can be shot clearly and silently. A favorite longbow among archers is the English Longbow, a medieval model that features a sturdy handle, a high rate of draw and a strong woodforged bow with a tapered head and a tapered neck. Another archery weapon is the shortbow, which is a cross bow that can be carried on the arm rather than being strapped to the shoulder.

Archery arrows come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and weights. The most popular type of arrow used in archery is an aluminum one-piece arrow, which is less expensive than some of the other more expensive longbow models. Two-piece arrows are also available, which consists of a top and bottom section of identical length and are used with either a flat-tipped arrowhead or a quiver. Quivers are more expensive, but are often required for tournaments and competition. Some archers prefer to use indium alloy arrows, which are nearly as durable as steel, and weigh almost nothing.

The importance of archery equipment has increased dramatically over the years because the effectiveness of archery has improved as well. Bows and arrows have improved, and the learning experience has helped to mold the skills of archers into more proficient and accurate shooters. If you are interested in taking up archery, you should check out some archery equipment stores in your area. Some companies also offer training and archery lessons for no additional cost.