Swansboro EAC Carpenter

The Swansboro EAC Carpenter in North Georgia is a small woodworking shop, which specializes in all types of woodworking. In the summer months the carpenters and craftsmen at this small shop are able to meet with the carvers of the area in order to complete projects for neighbors, friends and family. Many people who live in or around the area of Swansboro carpenters have a large number of happy customers that call on them time again.

Swansboro carpenter

Swansboro carpenters take pride in the work they do and in creating high quality woodworking crafts. They are also in the business of teaching others the joys of woodworking. Many of these craftsmen have a passion for teaching others how to create beautiful, intricate pieces of art using basic woodworking tools. It is rare to find a woodworking craftsman that doesn’t have a story to tell about the hardships of their early beginnings in woodworking.

One of the most popular woodworking craftsmen in the area is Ray Maupin. A native of rural northwestern North Georgia, Maupin has been creating decorative items for many years. He is well known in the area for being an expert carver and he designs everything from pillows and furniture to bowls and plaques. Some of his pieces are so beautiful that they are displayed in the homes of close friends and family members. When people visit with him, they often ask what type of wood he uses.

Another craftsman of note in Swansboro is Jack Coffland. Coffland is a carpenter that has created some amazing pieces of furniture as well as beautiful pieces of jewelry. He is well known around the area for his artistic designs. Many of the people who come into his woodshop are impressed by his eye for detail and color. They often ask to see samples of his work.

Another man that carpenters in Swansboro are very familiar with is Thomas Hines. An experienced carpenter, he has created several masterpieces using plywood and he makes every bit of his furniture using this medium. When visitors come to his shop, they often wonder where the name came from. He has developed several successful brands of furniture. Some of them include; Hines Confectionery, Hines Furniture and Hines Porch Umbrellas.

Swansboro also has a number of companies that offer a wide variety of handcrafted woodworking items. They include; Billy Harness Fine Woodworking and The Engineered Woodworks Company. These craftsmen are known all over the world and they can certainly offer assistance if you ever find yourself in need of their services. They can also provide you with ideas and tips to make your woodworking creations even more beautiful. Keep in mind that you can become a part of this talented group of people if you ever want to be.