Stop Smoking Immediately

You tried to quit smoking several times, but after a day or a week you couldn’t stand it and started again?

Have you tried nicotine patches, laser treatment or acupuncture, but unfortunately without success?

Then you may also want to become a non-smoker like Patrick or Natascha and many, many others, and above all stay.

Quit smoking – how hypnosis helps!
Stop smoking – you can do it with hypnosis. It is not black magic, but an effective method for permanent smoking cessation without withdrawal symptoms. According to their own evaluations, over 60% of smokers use the “smoking cessation through hypnosis” immediately and permanently smoke-free. In 30% this is the case after listening 2 to 3 times.

All functions that are responsible for a healthy life are controlled by the subconscious and can therefore be influenced directly with hypnosis. The subconscious has falsely linked smoking to well-being, calming or other positive behavior through education or advertising. When you stop smoking with hypnosis, the subconscious learns that these habits are wrong and creates new connections. But test yourself how quitting smoking works with hypnosis.

Smoke free Stress-free smoking cessation

smoke-free Permanent non-smokers

Smoke free Without withdrawal symptoms

Smoke free Without effort

Smoke free Can be implemented immediately

Read here, why do with smoking cessation through hypnosis cease quickly and effectively to stop smoking:

Non-smokers imagine it is very easy to stop smoking: just stop lighting your cigarette! But what sounds so simple in theory is usually an insurmountable hurdle for a smoker and after a few failed attempts you no longer believe you can ever make it.

The stop smoking takes place in the head instead. Because smoking is a mental addiction that is anchored in the subconscious and can only be solved there. It is no use if you know that you should stop but you are always subject to your inner bastard and the quitting will only be a good resolution for the next year.

With hypnosis, you have an absolutely unique method of managing your addiction. In a light trance, you directly access your subconscious and flip the switch, so to speak. Ultimately, smoking is a habit or a substitute satisfaction in stressful situations or for relaxation. And this is exactly where the smoking cessation by Hypnose CD program comes in and helps you to reprogram these habits.

You correct deeply rooted behavior patterns
You change your thinking habits
You lose the desire to smoke
The mental programs in your subconscious that are responsible for smoking are changed in the right direction when you quit smoking with hypnosis.

Not only are you healthier and you feel better, but also your confidence in yourself and your self-confidence will increase if you can quit smoking successfully. Imagine the admiration of your partner and your colleagues, because you have finally made it and you get a lot of sympathy and recognition. With smoking cessation through hypnosis you have tremendous mental aids at your disposal.

Smoking cessation through hypnosis: this is how it works!
Hypnosis is an extremely effective method! Smoking is a mental addiction and not a physical addiction as it is propagated by the nicotine patch manufacturers. Therefore hypnosis is the only way to finally free your unconscious from your addictive behavior.

“Smoking cessation through hypnosis” is an exclusive program based on the latest knowledge and methods. You will learn how to use hypnosis to stop smoking and how to program your subconscious mind for a smoke-free future.

The CD program “Smoking cessation through hypnosis” has also been developed for people who are not well versed in hypnosis.

Working with the CDs is a very pleasant relaxation, opening the door to your subconscious. While sitting or lying down, you can hear the CDs either through headphones or through the speakers of your stereo system and are led into a pleasant trance. Your subconscious then opens up more and more, so that it is receptive to corresponding changes. We then use this state to find out the reason for your urge to smoke with suggestive questions and to program your subconscious mind for a smoke-free future.

Even during the trance you always have voluntary control over yourself. Hypnosis is not a willless state in which you have no control over what is happening. These lies are only spread by show hypnotists due to showmanship. Specifically, due to such misrepresentation, trust in hypnosis is a very important issue. As a hypnosis therapist you have to be touched by a warm and genuine feeling for people. I hope that this attribute can be attributed to me.

Your advantages:
Motivation: Smoking cessation through hypnosis means that you have fun and stop smoking. You use your source of all motivation: your subconscious. This is where all feelings arise that stimulate your consciousness to act.

Success: Due to the fact that you yourself control your thinking, your way of life and your behavior, the success comes automatically.

Individuality: Since every person is different, the program addresses the individual causes. You cannot compare it to the smoking cessation CDs that are usually offered, which only work with general suggestions.

Quality: The CD program is developed according to the latest and most modern scientific methods. It opens up unimagined new ways to end your addictive behavior.

Inexpensive: I personally put a small fortune into my training as a hypnotist. You use this knowledge, which would otherwise cost you several thousand euros for very little money.