Khao Lak Diving Holidays – A Unique Experience

Khao Lak is an island located about 100 kilometers north of Thailand’s capital Phuket on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand. The island was hit by a massive earthquake in 2020, which caused huge damage to the island’s infrastructure. As a result, tourism in the region fell by 40%. However, this was not a disaster for the tourists since Khao Lak has been revitalized with a whole host of new diving sites in recent years. This is why Khao Lak Diving is gaining such popularity.

Khao Lak is famous as the place where pirates used to haunt, so it would not come as a surprise that many dive operators are also offering a full range of Khao Diving adventures. Some of the popular ones include: Snorkeling the wrecks of sunken ships and exploring the coral reefs in the area. The island is also famous for being home to a variety of exotic fishes such as peacock sharks. Other varieties of fish are also kept at aquariums. If you are looking for some more exciting diving experiences, you can also go deep in the ocean.

Many of Khao Lak’s diving sites offer a full package and include all you need to get your diving experience started. There is no need for you to worry about where to start or what equipment to bring. The diving courses provided by the various operators of Khao Diving holidays are usually conducted in Thai, English, or French. In addition, all the required supplies such as clothing and diving masks are provided on the island itself. The operators of Khao Diving holidays have a vast knowledge of the area and therefore you will not be disappointed with the diving experience you will receive on this exotic island.

Khao Lak Diving holidays are a perfect way to get close to nature, as it is very easy to travel to the different sites and explore their marine life. The island is known to hold some very beautiful coral reefs and there are some very rare species of fish, including the peacock shark, that are found on the island. The marine life on Khao Lak is amazing. It has everything that you could imagine in order to create a perfect natural habitat for marine life, and as well as a great diving experience. There is also the chance to see the underwater wildlife of the island, which is always exciting.

If you are looking for something a little different from Khao Lak Diving holidays, you can try some other forms of adventure. You can enjoy a short holiday with scuba diving, kayaking, jet skiing or even snorkeling. These activities will not only help you to explore the natural surroundings, but they also ensure that you do not get bored in the process. You can also go swimming in the local pool, swim with dolphins or take a tour of the coral reefs.

It is important to keep your budget in mind while choosing Khao Lak diving packages. Many operators offer good value for money but you need to ensure that you do not compromise quality for price. Be sure to choose the right operator because the experience and the quality of diving will give you a truly memorable experience.