Fire Watch Services

Fire Watch Guards

Fire watch services are on-duty, specially trained emergency protection personnel employed by companies and other organizations. Services typically consist of: PATrollers, who are located in stations throughout the nation and in selected fire stations. PATrollers have a minimum of 5 years experience working as a fire fighter. They perform patrol duties at designated times throughout the day and at night.

Fire watch guards will respond to all fire alarm systems within the premises of the organization. They will then report their findings to the central emergency response authority or the local fire department. Upon arrival, they will identify the hazards and call for assistance if necessary. They will notify first responders of their location and notify them when the threat is removed. Some may also call for support from other departments such as the hazardous materials unit.

A portion of fire watch guards’ duties will consist of the inspection of fire equipment and the removal of unsafe fire equipment. They will verify that all required safety equipment is present, in proper working order, and available for use. In addition, they will conduct a safety hazard assessment and prepare a safety plan for the prevention of fire hazards. This plan will outline methods that will be used to minimize risks of fire and will include all major hazards, action plans, recommended solutions, and emergency contacts.

A portion of fire watch guards’ duties will include the implementation of evacuation procedures and the reporting of an emergency. During an evacuation, the location of the fire and possible exits will be investigated. The location of all firefighting equipment will also be documented. Fire watch guards will monitor the use of all firefighting equipment. In addition, they will enforce all evacuation procedures and report any problems that they see.

Fire watch guards will be responsible for checking on the status of the fire hydrants. These are devices that convert combustible materials into heat or to extinguish flames. If there is an emergency, the hydrants will be turned off and all firefighting personnel will take over from then on. Fire watch guards will also inspect hydrants for signs of leakage and damage. If damage is found, the area will be evacuated and the area cleaned up. After the cleaning is done, all fire watch guards will make sure that the hydrants are in good working condition.

Fire watch services will be provided by the local fire Marshall. To learn more about hiring qualified guards, contact your local fire Marshall. They can provide you with information on agencies that hire individuals like fire watch guards. You can also search the internet for any vacancies that are available. Make sure that the agency that you choose has received the appropriate licensing before you hire their employees. In some cases, the local fire Marshall will interview applicants personally and may even require a background check.