Chocolate Kendal Mint – A Mouthwatering Recipe

A Chocolate Kendal Mint Cake makes a great sweet and savory combination. It is made of almond paste, chocolate and a hint of mint in the center. It has been baked in a bundt cake pan with ginger biscuits on top and it is decorated with a heart shaped chocolate ring. If you do decide to make this dessert it would not only be the first choice in your chocolate cake but also the ultimate in a homemade sweet treat!

Chocolate Kendal Mint Cake

Chocolate Kenedhal Mint cake recipe has a very distinct start. It begins with a delicious chocolate ganache. You will need to melt some dark chocolate and pour it over half a cup of low fat milk chocolate. Then you will add in the all natural sugar and stir. It should be at this point that you have your all natural chocolate pudding.

The next step is to whip up your favorite flavor of chocolate kenedhal. I love to use Southern Irish Cream and Irish Chocolate. This allows the cake to have a slight hint of Irish cream flavor to it. This is a wonderful flavor for any cake and really brings out the chocolate in the chocolate kenedhal.

You will now add in a tiny bit of mint. If you use a little more than you think you’ll need, just add in a little at a time. This is important because it will enhance the sweetness of the chocolate and at the same time bring out the flavor of the mint as well. After you’ve added in the mint just mix all of it together until it becomes smooth and creamy.

Once you’re done mixing it all together pour it over the cooled cake and spread it evenly with the tip of your fingers. Using a food coloring spray you can lightly paint the cake with the color that you want. You can even go so far as to add a stripe of cream on the top and around the sides. Just be sure you don’t drizzle any cream on the cake. Allow the chocolate to dry and it will set up nicely as a platter or just place it on the bottom and allow it to sit overnight.

For this dessert you really don’t need much to make it taste delicious. Just a few simple ingredients mixed together and you’ll have the ultimate chocolate kendal mint recipe. And who doesn’t love chocolate, especially when it’s as delicious as this?