Blank Canvas Venues For Your Wedding Ceremonies

Would like to share with you about Amberleigh Gardens and talk about creating your special day that much better than it is right now! Nestled away at the very heart of the Bedfordshire rural countryside, against the stunning backdrop of the iconic Cardington Hangars, there really are very few wedding venues with such breathtaking a setting as Amberley Gardens. It has been beautifully transformed into a stunning wedding venue, with its opulent garden setting and award-winning cuisine, it really does make the ideal place for your big day. But just because it’s so lovely doesn’t mean that you have to leave out any of your important wedding priorities:

Let’s start with the guest list. Most people will expect that you will need a large guest list to accommodate your wedding party and all of your guests – but Amberleigh Gardens can actually cater for larger numbers, if you book early enough. If you’ve got a particularly large guest list, then it may be worth considering having the wedding reception outside in one of the garden’s grand marquee rooms, or perhaps at one of the award winning Bedfordshire boutique hotels. Many of these marquees are available on a booking basis, so if you are looking for a cheap marquee – and you should be – then booking early will definitely save you money. However, if it’s important that you can get a large number of guests into the venue on your wedding day, then maybe Amberleigh Gardens is not the best option for your special day, as these marquees can be quite large.

Once you’ve decided on the number of people that you’re looking to invite to your wedding, it’s time to consider your budget. One of the great things about choosing Amberley Gardens as your marquee venue is that it really isn’t much expensive at all, especially when you compare it with some of the other venues that are available in the Bedfordshire countryside. Although you do have to pay for the venue itself, you also need to consider your catering costs, which can prove to be quite expensive. You will certainly need to hire caterers and bar staff for your wedding, so make sure that you account for these costs when you are making your budget. As long as you don’t overspend, then Amberley Gardens can prove to be a true hidden gem for your big day – even if you were planning to have the reception in a different city or town.

Another great thing about Amberley Gardens is that it’s close to many of the country’s most beautiful parks, which offer great opportunities for wedding celebrations. In particular, if you choose to have your wedding celebrations take place at one of these lovely country parks, then you can easily take your guests there. The beauty of taking your wedding parties to one of the country’s most picturesque parks is that it allows you to combine indoor and outdoor wedding festivities. Some of these beautiful parks feature lush lawns, with flower beds in full bloom throughout the year, and you can even find some of these lawns to be carpeted in white lace. The White Lily Park, for example, is situated in the stunning Bedfordshire countryside and offers a variety of activities for visitors such as buggy racing, quad biking, and treasure hunts.

If indoor wedding celebrations are more your style, then you should look no further than Amberley Gardens, which is an ideal location for large family gatherings and corporate events. The Marquis venue at Amberley Gardens is an ideal venue for birthday parties, corporate entertainment, and business meetings, and it’s also home to a state-of-the art fitness centre, which makes it a very popular wedding venue. The marquee venue at Amberley Gardens features a wide range of luxurious, comfortable and flexible tent options, along with luxurious surroundings and amenities such as a steam sauna and a swimming pool.

Marquee venues are usually chosen based on their suitability and availability, but the beauty of a location such as the Amberley Gardens is that it has so much to offer visitors. If you are looking for a themed venue, then you can choose a marquee venue based on the theme of your event – whether it’s a wedding celebration or company function. The beauty of themed venues is that they are blank canvases on which you can work. Whether you are looking for an indoor venue for your ceremony or an outdoor marquee venue for your after-party celebration, you can be sure to find a blank canvas just waiting for you at Amberley Gardens.