A Better Way of Learning

A workplace learning werkplekleren opportunity (WLEX} is an internet-based interactive web-based learning opportunity that allows instructors to integrate several interactive learning activities into their usual curriculum. An instructor can use a WLEX to encourage students to work in teams, learn responsibility and learn how to work collaboratively. WLEX offers flexibility to students with a short duration of training and tests in addition to a multitude of study materials. The courses can be scheduled for a few hours a week or for a full week.

WLEX is designed for instructional planning and professional development by facilitating the process of information exchange and discussion between people from diverse disciplines. It is used by many career transition and educational professionals as a valuable tool for enhancing learning experiences in the workplace. Most schools use it to provide quality training to staff members and enhance their career success. It has also been widely used by many career and technical educational institutions as a tool for enhancing teaching effectiveness. In some instances, it has been used as a viable substitute to traditional classroom learning or as a supplement to individual study time. In the recent past, it has been increasingly used by human resource (HR) leaders to provide quality learning programs for the benefit of their employees.

Employers find that workplace learning can be a valuable addition to their overall corporate benefits package. Employees are more satisfied with their work and the company benefits because of it. This means increased productivity, improved morale, and lower staff turnover rates. Developing new knowledge through online interactive learning helps build employees’ self-awareness and enhances their ability to problem solve. It also helps them acquire the necessary skills for a new job.

An employee’s ability to make decisions and handle responsibility for his/her actions can be enhanced through a workplace learning program. It helps employees learn more about themselves and their place in an organization. Through its use of readily accessible technology, learners are taught how to communicate with others, how to choose careers that suit their needs, and how to work with others effectively. As employees improve their understanding of how business works, they can better handle and contribute to their company’s goals.

Employers who have implemented workplace learning systems have found that their employees are happier, more productive, and more satisfied with their position. In particular, those workers with low self-esteem who used to feel unmotivated at work have been able to bring these feelings under control. Learners also leave the organization with more self-awareness and more confidence in their own abilities and capabilities. The more easily accessible technologies used in these learning programs facilitate learning faster and more efficiently by allowing learners to access materials at their own pace, so long as they meet basic learning requirements.

In a business environment where learning must be delivered through readily available, engaging content, employers have many project-based learning opportunities to choose from. Project-based learning includes online courses, webinars, and virtual classrooms that provide immediate and flexible access to content that learners need. It allows them to learn at their own pace, in the privacy of their own home, and at their own time. There is never any pressure or embarrassment involved for a learner, because all of their work remains on the computer screen, or in the classroom at the hands of a teacher. No travel costs are needed to attend a class, and no one ever feels uncomfortable in a real-world learning situation.