4 Beautiful Places To Choose As a Wedding Venue In Brisbane

With one glance it is easy to understand why Glengariff Historic Estate has become one of the leading unique wedding venues in Brisbane. This award winning historic family run and conserved venue offers couples the chance to get their ceremony, wedding photos, and reception all at one place. It is nestled among the traditional attractions of the Brisbane River Walk, the Queensland Motor Racing Authority, the Old Treasury Building, the Quayside Lights, and the Botanic Gardens. To make the most of your wedding this incredible venue offers you the very best service and has become known for its warm hospitality and fantastic cuisine.

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The Wedding Room is situated at the corner of the Braford Street and is surrounded by beautiful gardens and architectural wonders such as The Goolwa Gables, The Olinda House and The Charles Rennie Botanic Gardens. The Wedding Room can be decorated in a multitude of different styles from the very modern and contemporary, to the very traditional. There is also a large ballroom space that is situated between the restaurant and bar for your reception. The Ballroom can be decorated by you can hire a professional designer. There are several reception rooms throughout the entire property, including; The Bar/Bat Mitzvah Room, The Gabling Room, The Restaurant Room, The Enchanted Room and The Royal Salon.

Brisbane City Hall is one the most popular wedding venues for many reasons. The architecture here is modern yet it still reflects the country home feel of this area. The venue is located on the corner of Brisbane Industrial Estate and is just across the road from the airport. This dynamic city centre location has hosted some of the best events in the country including; Australia Day Parade, Brisbane Car Racing Weekend, Australia Day Festival, Bankstown Races and The Masters Club Grand Prix.

The Lady Parra Park is one of the best locations for a wedding venue in Brisbane which offers guests a tranquil setting. With the gardens surrounding the main building you can create a serene atmosphere that will allow guests to relax and take in the beautiful surroundings. The gardens are lined with brick walls and stone pathways creating a very natural feel. Your wedding venue in brisbane will also offer an opportunity for guests to witness a special ceremony under the stars in the back garden of the park.

Queen Street’s waterways are lined with a wide selection of restaurants and eateries that cater to almost any taste. There are also some very unique wedding venue in brisbane spots that are off the beaten path but perfect for unique weddings such as The Queensway. Located in the heart of the city the Queensway offers a more intimate setting yet still accessible to all. This spot is perfect for a unique wedding venue in brisbane that offers breathtaking views of the Brisbane River and includes a bar and lounge area for your reception after the ceremony.

Located in the heart of Broadreach Park the Botanic Gardens are a natural setting that can create an unforgettable wedding venue in brisbane. Beautiful flowers adorn the park with trees that have grown to be hundreds of years old. The Botanic Garden offers breathtaking views of the Waterfront and is perfect for a unique wedding venue in brisbane. Not only will guests love the breathtaking views from this waterfront wedding venue in brisbane but they will also love the gardens, flower shops, cafes, and restaurants located right on the water.